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Welcome to Digital Liquid. With over three decades of expertise in this ever-evolving field, I embarked on my journey by immersing myself in the realms of art at OCAD (Ontario College of Art & Design). As my passion for creativity expanded, I seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic world of computers and multimedia, where I've flourished ever since. My diverse talents now encompass a wide array of pursuits, including crafting and maintaining freeware, engaging in commercial ventures, exploring the art of photography, and nurturing personal projects close to my heart. This portfolio stands as a testament to my dedication and innovation, and I am sincerely grateful for your valuable time and interest in exploring my works.

Software Design

Digital Image Tool

This user friendly tool was created specifically to batch process images quickly, applying flexible resizing methods, rotation, cropping, scaling and more. Version 3 adds custom watermarking, renaming and tagging features.

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Atomic Mass

Inspired by old school arcade shooters! Atomic Mass is an Android Hyper-Action dual joystick 3D twitch shooter video game. Do battle at the atomic level. You are in control of a single graviton outfitted with a nanotech power source and personal protective shield. The power ring powers the JUMP, SHOCKWAVE & FIREBALL abilities. Your mission is to destroy all enemy cubes.

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Simple MP3 DJ

Simple MP3 DJ is 2 interactive record players with crossfader, position and pitch control. Load any MP3 from your device and play on either turntable forwards or backwards simultaneously with touch or slider control. Suitable for all your simple DJ needs.

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MP3 My MP3 Recorder

“Mp3 My Mp3” is a program with the ability to record live radio from the internet or any other source for that matter, save your recording as a Wav or Mp3 file! Now includes CD-Ripping and Vinyl/Tape recording through silence detection as well as batch file renaming and scheduled internet recording.

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Rename File Renamer

Rename File Renamer

Rename File Renamer is a simple free windows batch file renaming app which also allows you to rename, replace text or add sequential numbers to filenames.

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Rip My CDrom

Rip my CD-Rom is freeware program designed to rip audio CD's into MP3 or Wav files on your computer.

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Soundscape Generator

This program was designed to create interesting randomly generated soundscapes / music / noise using audio files on your computer. Create a randomly generated sound environment creating the illusion that you are there!. You can fiddle with output in real-time and save projects. This program is a portable standalone exe and can be run from a USB device.

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Patio Time Beta

Perhaps this is overkill but what if you wanted to know exactly when and where the sun was shining on available downtown patios. Introducing "Patio Time", use your mouse wheel to zoom in and click and drag to spin 3d model, features accurate sun positioning, real-time shadows and 3d audio.

Download Patio Time for Android

Medusa Phidget Servo recorder Beta

Phidgets Advanced 8 servo motor and the Phidgets 8/8/8 interface kit. You can link sensors to servo motors and record servo movements to a built in scripting language designed for sequence based robotics control. Save your scripts as text files, scripts can be interlinked. Also includes 3D model for displaying motor feedback, text to speech, webcam, audio support, sensor and motor wait state commands etc. Phidgets webservice must be installed. No installer just download and run exe.

Download Medusa Servo Recorder for Windows

Virtual Toybox Beta

Basically a box full of free virtual toys, includes Lone Ranger Doll, Crayola set for drawing, Sea Monkeys, Magic 8 Ball, Kazoo player and more. No installer...Simply Unzip to folder and then run exe.

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Design / Illustration

Design projects.


Website Image AI

Image Ai

Image Ai is a web app created around the Google Vision API showcasing it's most exciting features as well as integrating several other technologies/API's to create something even more interesting. Along with the Vision API i have integrated Google Maps, Google Street View, HTML 5 Canvas, webcam and web audio. The Google Maps integration allows the landmark detection feature to not only detect the landmark but place markers on a Google map which can then be used to access street view, ie. relive your travels! As opposed to uploading an image or grabbing a live webcam image the canvas allows you to draw images which can be analyzed using any of the detection methods. Furthermore you can search the web for similar images, download one of the results and then upload to perform recursive image searches. The web audio integration will simply read the results making the app useful for the visually impaired. As a web app it *should run on ANY device. Since this apps conception the Vision API has noticeably improved and continues to do so.

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Baseball Ballpark Analyzer

This online baseball ballpark analyzer merges satellite imagery, weather data, rss feeds and ballpark stats to help you with your fantasy baseball decisions. You can see which way the wind is blowing overtop any ballpark animated accordingly as well as sort ballparks by windspeed, temperature, homerun stats, tomorrow's forecast and more.

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Website Scribbles


Scribbles is a cloud application that allows users to chat and draw together. Artwork can be added to a gallery and shared among users to rework. Running on Heroku but currently disabled.


Solving Challenges Together

People before Profit

Atomic Mass video game trailer


"It is my intention to present through the medium of photography intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators." Ansel Adams


Storm Chaser Screen saver

The Storm Chaser Screen Saver for Canadian Geographic features 25 spectacular storm photos from renowned Canadian storm chasers Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik. An installer for Mac and PC was created.

ICBL Interactive Resource

International campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), Historical and Resource Guide to the Landmine Ban Movement. This application contains over a decade worth of documents and images neatly embedded into a program featuring an embedded PDF document reader and interactive timeline. Multilingual information was also supplied in french, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

Canada's International Policy Statement

An interative application outlining Canada's foreign policy, for MAC/PC in French and English.

Industry Canada SAM

The task was producing a short high-octane presentation in support of the re-branding and launch of the new SAM web site. This production highlights the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies enabling manufacturer's to meet the productivity, quality, and cost demands of competitive global markets.

Join the Crowd! Arts Court Gala

A "HYPNOTIC" interactive portable application, part of the Ottawa's art awareness campaign used to promote the beginning of the arts season gala.



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