Digital Image Tool is software that streamlines repetitive photo processing tasks.

"The hassle of rotating, resizing, renaming, and otherwise adjusting digital images before sharing them online is sometimes enough to make us leave our images languishing on our memory cards. Digital Image Tool is a sleek application that lets you make basic formatting changes to your images and looks good doing it." CNET Editor

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Batch Image Watermark
Use the integrated copyright symbol to protect your photos. Add a custom watermark of your own. Control watermark positioning or use the "tile" setting. We recommend using PNG image format for custom watermarks because it include's it's own transparency.

Batch Image Resizing
Scale or apply maximum width or height settings. Images are never skewed or scaled over 100%. Batch optimize images for web quick.

Batch Image Rotation
Apply individual rotation or apply a particular rotation to all images.

Batch Image Tagging or Captioning
Add text in lower right corner with date, filename, photo credit, copyright. This feature has transparency settings to apply info as discretely as you like.

Batch Image File Renaming
Rename multiple image files with ease. Includes search and replace, suffix/prefix text, numbering and replacing blank spaces with a lowerdash.

Batch Image Cropping
Apply batch crop to images based on percentages. You can automatically detect any images that may have been rotated and adjust crop accordingly.

+ RAW many camera formats


Installer / Uninstaller
Simple install/uninstaller included.




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